Our Master Perfumers

Dominique Preyssas
Senior Perfumer

Perfume Making

Dominique Preyssas is a prolific fine -fragrance perfumer whose work stands out for its precision, its beauty and its power. An extraordinary technician, Dominique abandoned a scientific path after obtaining his degree in chemistry. He patiently studied a further three years at ISIPCA in order to pursue his passion for art and composition. Dominique then joined the famous Roure Bertrand Dupont Perfumery School, and subsequently worked at Mane Fils, two companies who have generated some of the best noses of the world. He has created a vast range of best -selling scents for brands around the globe. Dominique follows all the latest trends both through his love of travelling and his role as an active member of the Société Française des Parfumeurs. Outside of perfumery Dominique likes to recharge the batteries and get inspiration when and where he least expects it. Playing tennis every week and more recently golf. Dominique is a big fan of the new generation of molecules, around amber, a family that includes ambrocenide, norlimbanoldextro. “They are extremely powerful, long -lasting and can be used pure, or diluted, allowing all sorts of effects from adding volume and strength to the whole composition to giving a clear, super-modern amber, dry woody or animal signature. I have been using these a lot in niche fragrances for both men and women.”


Claudine de Vogel  
Senior Perfumer

Perfume Making

Claudine’s earliest memories are all associated with fragrance; the EauImperiale which her grandfather sprinkled on his handkerchiefs, the smell of unlit Gitane cigarettes, the cold fireplace in the sitting room upstairs and the classical geranium plants on the windowsill. The desire to become a Perfumer was stimulated by Master Perfumer Annie Buzantian and Claudine ended up studying at the University of Plymouth for a BA in Business of Perfumery. Although Claudine loves anything fragrant her work focuses on toiletries, laundry, air care and fine fragrance. Claudine has a preference to olfactive areas that are light are airy or cologne smells, but with a twist, whether that be a spicy, floral or ambery. Key ingredients Claudine likes to use are pepper, cardamom, magnolan and bergamot.


Christian Provenzano   
Master Perfumer

Christian Provenzano Perfume Master


Christian is a truly inspirational perfumer with 50 years of experience in the fragrance industry. He has an undisputed reputation for creating successful and original compositions and has created many highly distinctive fragrances for some of the most famous brands in the world. Christian’s expertise lies in the development of fine fragrance where he has developed an instinct for knowing what the customers looks for whilst twisting with his own unique style. Christian has grown to be recognised as an authority on Amber and Arabic fragrances, supported by many major successes in this category.


Julie Pluchet  
Senior Perfumer

Perfume Maker


Julie’s roots and heritage influenced her to become a Perfumer. She grew up in the French countryside in a family passionate about nature (now, an endless source of inspiration for her creations). Always fascinated by smells and perfumes, Julie’s mind was made up about perfumery when she watched the movie Fanfan with Sophie Marceau who plays a trainee perfumer. Julie graduated as a Master of Chemistry in 2003 and started working in the Perfume industry in Mane as a chemist in the beautiful region of Grasse in the South of France where she later followed her passion for perfumes and attended the Grasse Institute of Perfumery and was trained by Perfumers Max Gavarry (IFF) and Isabelle Burdel (Salons privés ). After working as a Perfumer in Paris for 5 years Julie moved to the UK in 2012. When asked about the perfumery process Julie said “The creative part is definitely the most interesting, when we receive a brief that allows us to use our imagination, memories and emotions to create something new. Projects that have less restrictions on materials gives us more freedom to create beautiful scents. However, the market is changing and consumers are asking more questions about the sustainability of a product, what the ingredients are and where they are from. We are seeing a shift to more transparency and bespoke scents as the customers become more educated about fragrances.” Outside of perfumery Julie is passionate about dancing and has danced since childhood, most recently has been learning the style of the flamenco. “There are similarities between dancing and perfumery – it often influences how I approach a creation.”